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When the Labyrinth is Deciphered
It Will Disappear

Complete book design

Perfect bound soft cover

92 pages

6" x 9"

The image, The Chess Players, ca. 1475, painted by Liberale da Verona, came by suggestion of the author. In this case, it suggests the intricate relationships between characters within the pages of the book, depicted by the chess match. The type chosen for the cover and title page is meant to depict the idea of the labyrinth, an initially solid space with paths cut through it. The image has a natural space for the title and author name and is placed rag left to align with the figure's leg which leads the eye to the text and, perhaps, mysterious ongoings beneath the table. The line breaks on the title page suggest the line breaks of the poetry to come.

Laby-Title Page.jpg
Laby-Text Page-1.jpg
Laby-Text Page-2.jpg
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