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an independent publisher of literature, art, and books of merit.

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The Serious Ink Press Journal brings you the best of The Serious Ink Press authors plus other writers and artists who we find seriously print worthy. In this Issue, Colette Lumiere takes us to Paris and presents her latest drawings in "Paris After Midnight", along with an essay by Richard Milazzo. Sheril Antonio takes us on a historic journey through her phtographs of New York City's Washington Square Park. Betts Brown shows and tells of her whimsical cermaic works. Isser Gallogly brings light and shadow to life in his dynamic nature paintings. Scott Lewis paints (literally) a picture of Jace, a man in a "perpetual state of anger", then gives us the second installment of his Appreciation of Scary Movies. Amanda Belantara and Kinokophone shows us thier " Mycelium of Sound" multimedia project. Stephen Kaldon sets the dial to B&W and gives us photos from his walks around NYC, then tells the tale of "Sugar" from his Mott Street Stories. Linda Obuchoska-Obscura snaps a "Toxic" photo with all that implies. Callie Hirsch dives beneath the surface to present her creatures of the deep. B.F. Späth tells of The Trouble With Apartment 1 and presents alternative book covers to stories yet written. And J.R. McCarthy spins the short story, Late Night Crassus (just what is that pile of money doing on dad's front lawn?). 


ISBN: 978-0-9796985-6-9  |  80 Pages | 7" x 10"  | Paperback | $20 

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The Serious Ink Press Journal brings you the best of The Serious Ink Press authors plus other writers and artists who we find seriously print worthy. In this Issue, Rita Taryan writes a story of loneliness and tenuous relationships. Leigh Fisher brings us on a journey from her birthplace to the adopted city she now calls home. Christine Shaffer experiences a changed landscape after thirty years away from her beloved New York City. Linda Obuchoska-Obscura shares her playful and humorous photographic vision. B.F. Späth renders AI art via DALL-E2 to illustrate his dream-state narrative. Jaïra Placide shares her deeply personal poetry and collages. J.R. McCarthy tells the tale of the Wayfarer, who works his magic on the employees of a fast food restaurant. Scott Lewis offers his take on a horror classic, then paints the tale of Stan’s which may or may not be the name of a neglected bar populated with characters of a similar psyche. Marie M. Placide gives us her colorful mixed media art. Gary Winter shares an excerpt from his forthcoming play Neighbors. And S. Kaldon peppers these pages with photos from the archive. 


ISBN: 978-0979698552  |  78 Pages | 7" x 10"  | Paperback | $20 

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Falling From A Clear Blue Sky is the premiere collection of  photos by artist Stephen Kaldon. Shot with the iPhone 6s camera and filtered through Instagram, the works are paired across pages with themes of nature, longing, childhood, isolation, and observation. Taken on walks to work and routes to no particular destination, Kaldon zooms in on bits of life and debris normally passed by in our rush to nowhere.


ISBN: 978-0979698545 |  60 Pages |  6" x 6"  | Hardcover | $30    Author's Website

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To view the party in Scott Lewis’s Vibrant Mood Swings is to enter the room with X-ray

specs on. Not the X-ray specs of comic book lore for although you will see a flash of nipple,

or a well-honed muscle bulging through a pair of tights, you will also penetrate deeper,

beneath the clothes, beyond the skin, into the sinew of the soul (or more likely, lack

of one) into the core being of a mixed bag of characters whose egos override any connection

to other humans or the world around them. Like the anatomy books he was enamored

with as a child, his characters are exposed, both visually and through the stories

that are told throughout this book. 


Vibrant Mood Swings humorously exposes the conceit, hubris, and vanity among a collection

of damaged denizens who live in the worlds created by a truly unique artist in the

prime of his creative output.


ISBN: 978-0979698538  | 50 Pages  | 8.5" x 8.5"  | Hardcover | $30     Author's Website


"Does Elizabeth Hellman imbue her subjects with poetry, or does she find the poetry that lives within those subjects, and bring it to the light?  In the spirit of the title of this remarkable volume, it may be reckless to speculate. Fortunately, it is perfectly safe to say that Elizabeth Hellman's poetry is splendidly and poignantly alive. A good poet doesn’t tell us when she can show us, and a good poet doesn’t show us when she can bring us to the center, and let us see for ourselves. Elizabeth Hellman has brought me to the center of the rings of Saturn. She has brought me to places both romantic and forlorn. Bless her, she has brought me to familiar places, and she has invited me to see them from another perspective. All the while, her voice is poised and subtle. She uses words elegantly, and she encapsulates the fleeting moment before it can fade away. When the Labyrinth is Deciphered it will Disappear  is haunting, quietly powerful, and eminently re-readable."


– J.R. McCarthy, author of Ambivalid


ISBN: 9780979698521 | 92 Pages | 6" x 9" | Paperback | $18  

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Tales of the surreal await you in Brian Spaeth’s new book Clocks Stopped at a Strange and Savage Hour: Fulton Street and Other Stories. Like Ginsberg meets Kafka meets Bruno Schulz, the sagas in this volume of poems and short stories will lead you through a city that has turned against its own, as offered by one of its dispossessed denizens.


Framed by a crumbling and poisoned city on the verge of shedding its marginalized artists, its lost citizens, and those remembering a childhood that led them to their current state of mind, Clocks Stopped at a Strange and Savage Hour will bring you to a remarkable place of nostalgic dreams, vivid nightmares, imagined fears, and frightful realities.


ISBN: 9780979698514 | 84 Pages |  6" x 9" | Paperback  | $18    Author's Website

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Stagger towards virtue with The Cynic, The Scoundrel, The Taskmaster, and the Procrastinator.
Tour the Holy Bronx with poet-philospher J.R. McCarthy.


Like a revised edition of the Seven Deadly Sins, AMBIVALID adds treatises on self-pity, obliviousness, procrastination, and lechery. Humorous, touching, forthright, and undeniable, the journey through the 24 poems that make up AMBIVALID will clarify your confusion, and put you on the straight and narrow.


Included in the edition is Back in the Holy Bronx, a loving, pointed, and “holy” tribute to the the authors home borough.


ISBN 978-0979698507 |  52 Pages |  8.5" x 5.25" | Paperback  | $15    Author's Website

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