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Scott Lewis Vibrant Mood Swigns Cover

Vibrant Mood Swings

Complete book design

Hard cover with dust jacket

50 pages

8.5" x 8.5"

The cover image for this title needed to represent the many themes of vanity, treachery, deluded self esteem, and egotistical behavior depicted in the paintings and stories. The cropped image of party goers in full vibrant swing clues the viewers what to expect within. The type on the cover and throughout the book needed to hold its own with the intense frequency of the paintings. The type became an important element in the look and feel of the project as a whole, creating the book as a secondary piece of art.

Scott Lewis Text Pages-V73.jpg
Scott Lewis Text Pages-V75.jpg
Scott Lewis Text Pages-V714.jpg
Scott Lewis Text Pages-V742.jpg
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