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Serious Ink Press

by J.R. McCarthy

Stagger towards virtue with The Cynic, The Scoundrel, The Taskmaster, and the Procrastinator.
Tour the Holy Bronx with poet-philospher J.R. McCarthy.


Like a revised edition of the Seven Deadly Sins, AMBIVALID adds treatises on self-pity, obliviousness, procrastination, and lechery. Humorous, touching, forthright, and undeniable, the journey through the 24 poems that make up AMBIVALID will clarify your confusion, and put you on the straight and narrow.


Included in the edition is Back in the Holy Bronx, a loving, pointed, and “holy” tribute to the the authors home borough.


ISBN 978-0979698507 |  52 Pages |  8.5" x 5.25" | Paperback  | $12 / SALE $10    Author's Website

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