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Serious Ink Press

by Scott Lewis
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To view the party in Scott Lewis’s Vibrant Mood Swings is to enter the room with X-ray

specs on. Not the X-ray specs of comic book lore for although you will see a flash of nipple,

or a well-honed muscle bulging through a pair of tights, you will also penetrate deeper,

beneath the clothes, beyond the skin, into the sinew of the soul (or more likely, lack

of one) into the core being of a mixed bag of characters whose egos override any connection

to other humans or the world around them. Like the anatomy books he was enamored

with as a child, his characters are exposed, both visually and through the stories

that are told throughout this book. 


Vibrant Mood Swings humorously exposes the conceit, hubris, and vanity among a collection

of damaged denizens who live in the worlds created by a truly unique artist in the

prime of his creative output.


ISBN: 978-0979698538  | 50 Pages  | 8.5" x 8.5"  | Hardcover |  $30 / SALE $20    Author's Website

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