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When the Labyrinth is
Deciphered it Will Disappear
by Elizabeth Hellman

"Does Elizabeth Hellman imbue her subjects with poetry, or does she find the poetry that lives within those subjects, and bring it to the light?  In the spirit of the title of this remarkable volume, it may be reckless to speculate. Fortunately, it is perfectly safe to say that Elizabeth Hellman's poetry is splendidly and poignantly alive. A good poet doesn’t tell us when she can show us, and a good poet doesn’t show us when she can bring us to the center, and let us see for ourselves. Elizabeth Hellman has brought me to the center of the rings of Saturn. She has brought me to places both romantic and forlorn. Bless her, she has brought me to familiar places, and she has invited me to see them from another perspective. All the while, her voice is poised and subtle. She uses words elegantly, and she encapsulates the fleeting moment before it can fade away. When the Labyrinth is Deciphered it will Disappear  is haunting, quietly powerful, and eminently re-readable."


– J.R. McCarthy, author of Ambivalid


ISBN: 9780979698521 | 92 Pages | 6" x 9" | Paperback $18 / SALE $15

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